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The Benefits of Home Improvements and New Builds

With the knowledge, skill and dedication of the team at Hayman Developments Ltd, you can enjoy an array of benefits. As well as improving your daily life, different projects have their own unique benefits, which can influence the one you choose. Whether you’re improving your current home or require the services of our new home builders to construct a brand-new property, we ensure you reap the rewards. On this page, we explain some of the key benefits of our property extensions and new builds, as well as property refurbishments and home renovations.

Based in Epsom, Hayman Developments works with homeowners and private landowners in all the surrounding areas, including Sunningdale. We specialise in creating luxury homes at competitive prices, developing your ideas into viable building plans.

If you wish to read first-hand reviews from homeowners who have used Hayman Developments for their project, please see our customer testimonials.

Adding and Maximising Space

A property extension can provide the space you need to make your home more comfortable and functional. You can also create more habitable space with a loft or garage conversion. Our team of tradesmen and new home builders can give you that extra bedroom or bathroom, extend your kitchen or create any other space you can imagine, from a utility room or office to a hobby or craft room.

Hayman Developments can also help maximise existing space within your home. Conversions are one way to do this, but other home renovations and refurbishments will ensure you get the most from all areas of your property.

Lifestyle Changes

Leading on from the above, new and reconfigured spaces allow our Sunningdale clients to make beneficial lifestyle changes. For example, altering interior layouts and creating an open plan space lets you embrace social living in a bright and airy environment. Property refurbishments, such as kitchen and bathroom remodels, can completely change the way a room feels and functions.

Perhaps you now work from home but lack a dedicated workspace, making it hard to focus and increasing stress. A new home office will give you the quiet, separate space you need to succeed, while creating a better division between work and home.

To create a truly tailored property which supports your chosen lifestyle, we recommend working with our new home builders to design and construct a new house in the Sunningdale area, incorporating all your desired features.

Adding Value

All kinds of improvements will increase the value of your home. Extra double bedrooms and bathrooms tend to add the most value, but most property extensions and conversions will add a noticeable amount to overall property price.

Even smaller home renovations and refurbishments can add value, if done right. For example, a new kitchen or bathroom is a proven way to increase house value.

Project-Specific Benefits

As well as general benefits, which most building projects share, there are some benefits specific to each project, such as:

  • Conversions – Do not take away any garden space and are quicker to construct than extensions
  • Extensions – Provide the opportunity to extend your Sunningdale home significantly
  • Internal Property Refurbishments – Are generally not subject to planning permission or party wall agreements, and often do not need building regulations approval
  • New Builds – Enable complete customisation of your home, down to the finest details

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