Cost-Effective Home Extensions in Richmond

In recent years, space has overtaken location as the first concern that many homeowners seem to have about their Richmond properties, especially as the cost and stress involved in moving seems to get higher as each year passes. As the need for more space grows at the same time as your family grows, property extensions, home extensions and property conversions from our Richmond builders seem the logical way forward.


At Hayman Developments, we work closely with Richmond residents to see how we can turn a 2-bedroom house into a 3-bed, add a bathroom or make the kitchen bigger. Our builders are highly experienced in carrying out property conversions and will create a bespoke ‘design-and-build’ package for your home.


Home extensions not only add value to your Richmond property, but you also get the space you and your family need. If you do consider moving in the future, you’ll realise that our competitively-priced property extensions and property conversions will have paid for themselves. True value will always be represented in your final property value.


Things to Consider with Property Extensions in Richmond


Do add a bedroom. These particular home extensions are a sure-fire way of increasing property value in Richmond. Also, property conversions work wonders. By altering your garage or loft, you’re working within the parameters of an existing building and won’t need to worry about applying for planning approval.


Don’t lose a bedroom. This will devalue your house immediately. If you are planning to turn a bedroom into a bathroom or a purpose-built study, look at remodelling an existing bathroom space or converting a loft or garage. These latter property conversions will help you keep vital bedroom space and maintain the value of your Richmond home.


Do consider side home extensions. Our builders are able to construct multi storey extensions to your Richmond home if you have the space available. We are able to take care of planning permission applications and will deal with the building regulators.


Don’t overbuild. The garden is an important part of a home’s value and, dependant on the size of property conversions, a smaller garden may work against the market value of your Richmond home in the future. Always aim to get the balance right.


Do take advice from experts in property extensions. Our builders will be more than happy to offer an opinion, from your Richmond home at a convenient time to you, and carry out a free estimate. You are never under any obligation to use us for home extensions.


Don’t rush into the cheapest offer you get without carrying out research on the company first. With Hayman Developments, you’ll find our reputation goes before us and our testimonials page is full of recent reviews from an army of satisfied customers.


Call us today on 01372 279175 for a free quote on property extensions in Richmond. As local builders, we aim to provide you with space that you and your family will enjoy.