FAQ’s About Home Extensions in Kingswood

Hayman Developments answer questions about home extensions and property conversions in the Kingswood and Surrey areas. Property extensions and conversions can be a little expensive but are proven to be an important way for builders to create extra space at your Kingswood home. Initial investment is recouped through future resale value.


Here, we’ve listed some of the more common questions our builders regularly receive from clients who are considering property conversions and home extensions for the first time.


How long do home extensions take to build?


This will be dependent on the size of any property extensions our builders will be adding to your Kingswood home. Most home extensions, on average, take between 10 to 12 weeks to complete but this is only a rough guideline and not something set in stone.


How much do property conversions and extensions cost?


Again, this is dependant on the type of property conversions or extensions our builders will be performing at your Kingswood home. No matter how big the scope of the job may be, we always do our best to offer highly competitive rates on all work. Our site surveys and our consultations are provided without charge and are free from obligation.


Will I need planning permission?


This depends on the property extensions you’re looking to have at your Kingswood home. Our builders carry out a survey and advise you on whether you need permission or not. We can write to the authorities on your behalf to gain approval. Certain jobs, such as garage and basement conversions, won’t need approval if no major structural changes are needed.


What is a party wall agreement?


Some home extensions require a party wall agreement. A party wall is where your Kingswood home shares a wall with a neighbour. If you go ahead with property conversions or extensions, you have to let your neighbour know at least two months before you intend to start work. This leaves time to iron out any potential problems before work begins.


Can you explain permitted development? Can I build home extensions under this process?


If your Kingswood property is not in a conservation area, you may have permitted development rights. This enables property extensions to be built by our builders without having to go through the planning application treadmill. We will happily discuss the process to you in detail during your free site survey and consultation.


What types of property extensions can I build on my Kingswood home?


You could choose from rear home extensions, side-return extensions and even double-storey extensions. What you want to use them for is entirely up to you but as reputable builders for the Kingswood area, we’ll always advise you on the best possible addition.


What insurances and guarantees do you provide?


We carry public liability insurance up to £5million as well as employer’s liability cover. All work is fully guaranteed. Email us if you need to see documentation at any point.


Can I have other work done, such as renovations, whilst I’m having property conversions carried out at my Kingswood home?


Yes. Our builders will be informed at the initial stage on what work will need to be carried out at your Kingswood property. Any renovation work to run alongside property conversions and extensions will be factored in at the earliest opportunity.


To find out more about property conversions in Guildford and the surrounding Surrey area, please call us now on 01372 279175.