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Your Home Renovation or Property Extension in Chelsea
A Guide to Planning Your Project

Clients in Chelsea and all the surrounding areas can rely on our builders to alleviate any stress related to building work, with a dedicated project management service. We are experienced in handling small- to large-scale projects, specialising in property extensions, property refurbishments and home renovations as well as luxury new builds. Consequently, we are happy to explain the whole process. This guide provides a basic overview, but for advice specific to your project, we invite you to contact Hayman Developments Ltd.

Our property improvement experts and new home builders produce and follow unique, detailed plans for each project. However, the following is an idea of what you can expect:

  1. Getting a Quote

    After you contact us, the first step is to arrange a consultation and produce a free quote. We are happy to provide a rough estimate based on an initial query but visiting your Chelsea property and discussing your requirements will allow us to provide a more accurate quotation.
  2. Site Surveys

    For property refurbishments, renovations and extensions, we assess the existing property and take accurate measurements for structural calculations and architectural plans. For new builds, our new home builders assess the site. We also check the building conditions, including any obstacles or potential hazards.
  3. One-to-One Consultations

    Included in our site visit is a personal consultation, which allows our team to get to know you and your vision. At this point, we discuss the purpose of the project, plus specifics such as style preferences, maximum budgets, construction timeframes, building materials and major-branded appliances to supply. We’ll also recommend design concepts for property extensions and home renovations to complement your lifestyle.
  4. Architectural Services

    Once designs are approved, we create comprehensive architectural plans on your behalf. These are used by all tradesmen to complete your project. Where necessary, these plans are also attached to planning permission applications, to gain authorisation from the Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council.
  5. Supplying Construction Materials

    Following planning approval, if applicable, we order premium-quality construction materials for all interior and exterior work. We can also organise the supply of branded products and appliances. We always order materials in plenty of time to avoid delays, ensuring they are onsite as we need them.
  6. Stripping and Preparation

    In preparation for property refurbishments, our builders arrange the strip-out of old interiors and furnishings. This is common for new kitchen and bathroom installations. We also undertake any necessary preparation work for property extensions and conversions, ensuring we have the perfect starting point.
  7. Ongoing Compliance

    All construction plans comply with UK building regulations and we make sure each element of your project is up to code. Our Chelsea clients also have assurance that our new home builders and tradesmen adhere to stringent standards set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This includes daily equipment inspections and keeping your site clean and tidy.
  8. Final Inspections

    We keep you up to date on our progress, through to the final handover. Once we complete finishing touches to your home renovation, refurbishment, extension or new build, we undertake final quality checks and inspections. This includes testing electrical and plumbing connections.

Call Hayman Developments on 07943 640832 or 01372 279175 for tailored property extensions, improvements and new builds in Chelsea.


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